Additional Services

Please note that there are charges associated with these particular services, simply to enable us to cover our costs and time, while hopefully adding some quality to your holiday. Should you wish to take advantage of any of these services, simply ensure you have paid at a convenient time for you during your stay.
If you feel like a romantic night out, or perhaps would like to do some shopping without having to keep one eye on the ever-demanding children, we can offer you the following baby-sitting services :-
Morning 0900-1200 30€
Afternoon 1200-1700 45€
Evening Anytime 8€ per hour
The baby-sitting will either be done by ourselves, or by our own regular baby-sitter, with at least one of us on site to help out if necessary.
Despite popular belief, the drink drive rules are the same here in France as they are in the UK, and the local Police are known to do regular spot checks, especially on the RN88.
If you would like to visit a bar or restaurant in the local area without having to designate a driver, we are happy to drop you off and then pick you up at the end of your evening. We offer this service for 30€ and it is currently limited to a maximum of 4 persons.
We advise that you book a table at any restaurant as they can get busy. We are happy to make any reservations for you should you wish.
We are happy to offer you the opportunity to dine in with our own home-cooked 5 course menu. Why make that trip to the supermarket and slave away in the kitchen when we can do it for you? Your meal will be served to you either inside your gite or on your patio area. We also offer a selection of child-friendly dishes.
Take a look at what we have to offer and simply speak to us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a meal. Please be aware that this service normally requires at least 24 hours notice in order to purchase fresh local produce. Wine is not included but we are happy to recommend some local wines if you so wish.